Chica Y Chico Oil Clear Essence Review

by - March 06, 2017

Hello guys!

You know the struggle of oily skin gurl. Short story I was often use blackhead extractor for my nose area like ' routinely' haha, because they're so annoying and now I regret it so much because now my nose area has really big pores. My nose is always sweaty and after I wipe it in a few minutes it started sweaty again. Arghh~ But now I got the solution which is Oil Clear Essence.
I bought this essence few months ago from Althea Korea (I'm not sponsored haha) and this essence works amazingly on my skin.

Chica Y Chico is a Korean brand and this Oil Clear Essence is their first product that I have ever tried.

The packaging is made from glass so I thought it's kinda tricky to bring it when traveling but I bought this to Korea last month and it's fine staying still in my luggage. I didn't use it tho because my skin becomes 'normal' skin type on winter haha.

Two pumps is more than enough for oily area on my face.

The texture of this essence is very smooth, easy to apply on skin, and doesn't have any chemical scent. After applied on oily skin area, you can get the matte feeling right away. It's not oily anymore, controling the oil production and sweat that comes once at a minute hahaha.
I swear this essence is the best to cut and reduce oil production for you guys who have oily or combination skin. Gonna try similar product after I finished this one :D
Please leave comment bellow if you have any recommendation of essence for oily skin ^_^


Thanks for read~ 
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  1. serius sebagus itukah? aku lagi pake serum dari Skinfood yang peach pore serum tapi biasa aja sih nggak terlalu nampol hasilnya.

  2. Does this control the size of the pore?