Memebox I'm Meme Lip Lipquid #PK604 Rapunzel Review

by - April 14, 2017

Hello guys~
Few days ago I tried new liquid lipstck but this time it's from Korean brand which is Memebox I'm Meme Lip Lipquid.

Memebox is a website where you can find many Korea makeup and skin care brands. They also has their own brandlike this I'm Meme line and has once collaborated with Pony too!

I get it in shade #PK604 Rapunzel simply because I love pink and this pink color is just to pretty to not buy.

The packaging is made from plastic and very light. I like it transparent so I can see the lipstick color from the outside.

The applicator is slightly bend and it makes the application easier.

The texture of this liquid lipstick is moist and very pigmented. It gives glossy finish and perfectly coat your original lip color. You can also make gradient lips look with this lip liquid.

Overall, I love the color of this Memebox I'm Meme Lip Lipquid in shade Rapunzel, but since I'm not really a fan of glossy lipstick I only use it when my lips feels dry and I have to avoid matte lipstick or lip tint.

If you like lipstick with glossy finish and opaque color, try this one! The price is very affordable and their red color is also very pretty :)


Thanks for read~ 
See you on my next post <3 
Dewi Yang

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