Onsaemeeinn Magic Solution Skin Powder Review

by - April 02, 2017

Who's suffering from acne like me? I bet mostly people with combination or oily skin, either they are female or male, all has problem with acne and pimple. Don't you agree?
Well, if you has acne prone skin I believe you at least has once used pink powder or sometimes called magic powder for acne.

When I'm shopping at Althea Indonesia, I find this Onsaemeeinn Magic Solution Skin Powder and it's on discount. What reasons I need to not buy this thing? haha.

When I got new pimple on my face I quickly grab this magic powder and put it on my pimple.

Many people shakes the bottle of pink powder before use, IT IS WRONG! I did the same thing before and now not anymore. 
Actually you only use the pink powder on the bottom of the bottle with cotton bud and apply it on pimple. For the water, after or if it already seperated from the pink powder, you can use it as a toner especially in your nose and cheek area.

To be honest, I think the pink powder of this Onsaemeeinn Magic Solution Skin Powder is not that effective for pimple, but I really love it as a toner. The water works amazing on my skin and it control the oils production especially on my nose area. Awesome!

Any of you also using pink powder water as a toner? Let me know! ^_^


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