Pond's BB Powder Sister - Angel Face Natural Mattifying Face Powder Review

by - March 25, 2018

Hey everyone~
Today I want to share my thoughts on the famous powder lately which is Pond's Angel Face Powder.
Actually the most famous is the Pond's BB Powder but angel face is the sisters.
I bought it in tokopedia and it cost IDR 55k. There's also a lot of seller on instagram that sell this powder with price from IDR 50k - 60k.

Angel face has 2 types of powder, the pink and the blue one. I got mine the blue one for matte finish that suitable oily to normal skin, the pink one is for glow finish and suitable for dry to normal skin.

The powder color is light blue like the packaging, but after applied it's just like another setting powder with white color and will adjust with your skin color.

It makes your skin brighter and feels hella soft haha. Sometimes I use this without makeup because it has UV protection and the oil control is awesome.

A few peoples that I know also used this powder and the BB powder, and mostly they said Angel Face blue has better oil control than the BB powder, but for you who wants coverage of course go for the BB Powder.
You can also use this powder for baking. On my face this powder could control my very oily face for 5 hours even after morning sweat on train every morning (ugh office hours).
I really recommend Pond's angel face blue powder for you who has oily skin and it's suitable for all skin color.


Thanks for read~ 
See you on my next post <3 
Dewi Yang

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