Secret Key Lemon Sparkling Peeling Pad Review

by - March 24, 2018

Lemon has so many benefit for our skin. The one we all know that it can brighten up skin and also good to treat acne. Sometimes I use lemon juice (freshly squeezed of course) and apply it on my skin after washing my face.
In this post I want to share with you lemon skin care that I use as a toner and peeling at the same time which is Secret Key Lemon Sparkling Peeling Pad.

This product is the same like the famous COSRX One Step Pimple Clear Pad but with different essence / ingredients.

Secret Key Lemon Sparkling Peeling Pad contains lemon extract for natural exfoliating, supplies nutrions, and brightens the skin, also sparkling water to eliminates waste inside pores, supply oxygen to the skin and tightening pores.

This peeling pad is peeling and moisturizing at the same time. The cotton pad has 2 sides, embossing side for cleaning pores, removing waste, and peeling, while the soft side for skin texture care, moisturizing, tightening pores, and soothing skin.

You can use Secret Key Lemon Sparkling Peeling Pad in the morning for light cleansing and at night before gong to bed to make sure the waste is all gone and won't clog your pores. Also you can use this pad to fix your makeup. Awesome!


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Dewi Yang

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