Cethaphil Gentle Cleanser Review On Oily Skin

by - April 26, 2018

Finally at last I try this face cleanser and in a big size haha. So a few weeks ago I bought this Cethaphil Gentle Cleanser when it was on sale on blibli.com and it was a great deal I believe, IDR 120k! Uh uh I know right.
I know that Cethaphil is a brand that spesialize for people with sensitive skin and the great thing about it is that Cethaphil is recommended by the dermatologist.

Well, as you may already know I have acne prone and oily skin that sensitive (ugh my life is so complete T_T) and it's so stressing.
I thought using a cleanser for sensitive skin might be good for my skin so I tried this Cethaphil Gentle Cleanser and turns out I'm right!

I got it in 500ml size and it comes with a pump. If you want to try it first I suggest you buy the small one with clip cap.
I just bought the big one since it can be used for body too if my face doesn't suitable with the formula.
After washing my face with this cleanser my skin doesn't feels tight at all and it moisturize my skin. I'm in awe, it's amazing.

Honestly I have used a couple of cleanser for sensitive skin for my face but it doesn't works like this Cetaphil one. Sometimes it feels too moisturizing (of course it's for dry and sensitive skin gurl) BUT, Cethaphil Gentle Cleanser does not over moisturize on my skin and feels just right.
Do you have sensitive skin? What cleanser do you use? Please leave comment bellow ^_^


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Dewi Yang

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