Etude House All Day Fix Eyeliner Black Review

by - July 24, 2018

If I got asked to choose only one essential makeup product I'm going to choose eyeliner 100% because I got really really small monolid eyes to the point it's gone when I smile (well, sometimes haha).

I love try a lot of different eyeliner from various brand. Lately I always go with Maybelline eyeliner but I want to try something new. So I decided to buy this Etude House All Day Fix Eyeliner.

Etude House All Day Fix Eyeliner has 2 shades: Black and Brown. I got the black one of course. I had tried a few brown coloured eyeliner and it just doesn't suit me well, too light and I love my eyes bold ;)

The tip of the eyeliner is flexible but still easy to control the thin and thickness of the line. The brush is so perfect to make thick line and since I always draw it thick I got 0 problem with this eyeliner.

Etude House All Day Fix Eyeliner is waterproof and smudeproof. The black color is solid. It gives glossy finish tho but I got no problem with that. If you want matte finish better try gel eyeliner. I used to only use gel eyeliner because since the first time I know makeup I only use the gel one, but pen eyeliner is so much easier to use and very travel friendly, and yes, now I use pen eyeliner more than gel eyeliner ;)

What's your favorite eyeliner type and why?


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Dewi Yang

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