EyeNLip Salmon Oil Nutrition Eye Patch Review

by - July 30, 2018

Have you heard or even try skin care with salmon on it?! Not the flesh of course hehe, but salmon oil! In this post I want to share with you my ‘salmon’ skin care which is EyeNLip Salmon Oil Nutrition Eye Patch.

EyeNLip Salmon Oil Nutrition Eye Patch contains world’s top 10 super food: SALMON! It’s not only contains unsaturated fatty acids but also vitamin A and E to improve skin pigmentation damage, stress, and helping prevent skin aging. Astaxanthin, also found in salmon, excelles in reducing dark circles.
Collagen ingredient, which contains in large quantities in salmon, moisturize dry skin and help prevent wrinkles. Fatty acids for anti-inflammation, restore skin barrier.

A drop of salmon oil is like a miracle, salmon oil is rich in vitamin D and Omega-6 fatty acids. EyeNLip Salmon Oil Nutrition Eye Patch is low irritation without harmful ingredients.

Beside salmon oil, EyeNLip Salmon Oil Nutrition Eye Patch also contains ceramide and hydroxyapril that high in moisturizing, Acetyl hexapeptide and allantoin that similar to botox-like lifting and skin relaxation and natural peptide components such as copper-peptide-1 and palmitoyl oligopeptide to suppresses wrinkles.

The patch essence doesn’t feels sticky and doesn’t smells like fish haha. It smells pretty good.
Inside there’s 90g (1.5g * 60ea) equal 30 pairs of eye patches and not only for eyes but can be used for smile line and neck zone too. Anyway, doesn’t it looks like a slice of salmon? Haha.

EyeNLip Salmon Oil Nutrition Eye Patch function is for mositure, whitening, wrinkle improvement, elasticity and nutrition for eye zone. It’s recommended for you who has trouble with dark circles, have sensitive skin, big pores and worried about skin elasticity.

How to use:
1. Cleanse cleanly.
2. Provides basic skin care.
3. After attaching to the area where you want to improve your skin such as under the eyes, dull line, neck, whole body, remove it after 20-30 minutes and tap it gently to absorb it.

Ingredients wise I think EyeNLip Salmon Oil Nutrition Eye Patch is worth the price. But, if you’re looking for more affordable eye patch, I suggest the EyeNLip HydrogelEye Patch with 7 types of patch to choose! Back again to what you need in an eye patch. For age 30> I recommend the EyeNLip Salmon Oil Nutrition Eye Patch.

For you who are going to Korea, you also can find it at Shinsegae Durty Free Shop in Myeongdong. Or online shopping of course at http://www.beautynetkorea.com/ and find a lot of good deal! Right now they are having a big sale and you don’t want to miss it. They have world wide international shipping so get your favorite Korean skin care and makeup on stock now!



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