EyeNLip Pure White Tone-Up Cream Review

by - July 30, 2018

Right now tone up cream is very famous. Actually it has been popular in makeup base familia, but nowadays it’s in a form of skin care not makeup. In this post I want to share with you one of tone up cream from Korean brand which is EyeNLip Pure White Tone-Up Cream.

EyeNLip Pure White Tone-Up Cream is a moisture cream combined with toning cream. It’s a multi cream with functions for skin tone up, moisture, whitening effect and vitality. It’s a multi cream that can be used for day and night.

You can see the pink capsule in the cream, it’s where the tone up effect come from. The tone up effect is visible with eyes from the whitening capsule that burst and naturally brightens skin.

EyeNLip Pure White Tone-Up Cream main ingredients is ICE PLANT. It has strong moisturizing effect that withstands harsh desert heat. Healing plant from African desert that contains abundance of moisture. Provide rich moisture and smoothens skin texture. Contains rich minerals in transparent crystals (bladder cells) present on the stem and leaf surfaces of the ice plant, also called Natural Mineral Water Crystal.

EyeNLip Pure White Tone-Up Cream  is KDRI (Korea Institute of Dermatology) skin irritation test completed. Suitable for sensitive skin and all skin type. This multi cream is not only for face but also can be use for hands, neck, armpit, arm, elbow, knee, legs and foot.

It smells really good and I like the cream absorb fast on my skin without stickiness. Gives my skin natural bright effect, glowing and radiant. The finish looks like my bare skin but better!

EyeNLip Pure White Tone-Up Cream is recommended for you who want clear and transparent skin, suddenly have to go out, men who afraid to try makeup, pigmented areas like knees that need whitening, who have uneven skin tone, as a makeup base and when your skin feels dry because of whitening products. Use EyeNLip Pure White Tone-Up Cream after skin care, before suncreen and foundation.

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