Missha Triple Shadow #7 Sand Wave Review

by - July 21, 2018

Hello everyone~
Do you have favorite eyeshadows that always you bring everywhere? I do and it's Missha Triple Shadow. I always bring it when I'm traveling and it's saving so much place on my makeup pouch, I mean packaging is so small just like single eyeshadow but it has 3 shades inside!

Missha Triple Shadow has 8 beautiful shades:
No.1 Browny Pink
No.2 Honey Orange
No.3 Mocha Beige
No.4 Chocolate Brown
No.5 Vintage Plum
No.6 Marsala Red
No.7 Sand Wave
No.8 Orange Parade

I got it in shade No.7 Sand Wave, this is the only shade that has all matte texture, the rest contains shimmer.
Missha Triple Shadow has smooth and silky texture. It also made it very easy for people who just start knowing makeup and wants to get natural gradient eyeshadow effects.

I bought this eyeshadow while I was in Korea because I want a compact eyeshadow that includes a few natural shades for traveling. This Missha Triple Shadow is perfect for me and I love it!

The darkest color is very pigmented and the rest of two is okay as a base. Usually I just apply the brown and dark brown color, the beige I didn't use as much.

There's two ways to apply this eyeshadow from the website:
1. Using your finger and with a horizontal swiping motion, pick up all three colors
(For a bolder look, swipe multiple times to pick up more product)
2. Use brush or sponge applicator start from the inner corner of the eyelid and spread over eyelid, extending to the outer corner.

I often use the second way to apply this eyeshadow, I bring my small eyeshadow brush and blending brush inside my makeup pouch. But sometimes I also use my finger to apply it when I'm in hurry.

Right now I'm in search of other eyeshadow that similar with Missha Triple Shadow. If you have any recommendation or favorite, please let me know~ ^_^


Thanks for read~ 
See you on my next post <3 
Dewi Yang

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