Sarange Teukbyeolhan Blush Blender Review

by - July 24, 2018

Hello everyone~
Lately I have been dying to try new blush on and when I clean my makeup stash I found this Sarange Teukbyeolhan Blush Blender. So I will share with you guys what I think about this blush on.

This blusher contains a round brush applicator and a mirror inside, there's also a seperator for the brush and the blush.

The brush is okay, it's soft and doesn't feel rough when applied.

The color of the blush is bright pink but actually it has very soft color. Must be applied a few times before you achieve the color as in the packaging.

If you are more to natural everyday makeup this blusher maybe suitable for you but if not, you can pass this one. I personally prefer an intense color blush that I can control the vividness, like a little amount it gives soft color but when applied bold it pops! So I can use one blusher for many looks.

Tip: The color is more intense when you apply with finger or sponge than with the brush inside.


Thanks for read~ 
See you on my next post <3 
Dewi Yang

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