The Face Shop Dr. Belmeur Spot Patch Kit Review

by - July 24, 2018

Another acne patch review yasss. In this post will share with you my experience with The Face Shop Dr. Belmeur Spot Patch Kit.
I actually already used this patch for a few months. I bought it a long time ago early in 2017 hahaha #lazydetected.

When I bought it in Korea I have to buy 3 pack of this so price is quite expensive T_T In one pack there's 3 pack of patches: 40 hydrocolloid patch (2 pack) and 40 spot patch (1 pack).

The patch itself is thick and I never use it when I'm going out because it's shown really well on skin. Different than Skin Food Tea Tree Patch that I have tried before.

The spot patch is thinner than the hydrocolloid one but still it's shown on skin and I can only use it at home.

hydrocolloid patch

spot patch

It's good for acne with white pus. Leave them overnight and in the morning all that pus will come out and stick to the patch, very satisfying moment haha.
spot patch

I like this patches for at home use but for active people I suggest try the Skin Food one.


Thanks for read~ 
See you on my next post <3 
Dewi Yang

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