The Face Shop Ink Lipquid PK04 Pink Hommage Review

by - July 24, 2018

Hello guys~
In this post I want to review my current favorite lip product which is The Face Shop Ink Lipquid in shade PK04 Pink Hommage. Previously I have review the shade RD02 red sing one and this time it's in pink color.

What I love about this Ink Lipquid is it gives you long-lasting matte finish but doesn't make your lips feels dry and when re-apply it's very friendly.

After you apply this Ink Lipquid when you removes it leaves stain which is amazing because you can get soft look and bold look with only one tint.

I think this tint can also be used as a blush tint but must be blend fast otherwise it will make a dot in your cheeks, so one side at a time.
The applicator shaped to follow lip line and pointy, easy to apply.

I still like gradation lips so usually I use The Face Shop Ink Lipquid Pk04 in the center and I use Etude House Color Lips Fit PK003. Awesome combination!

Have you tried Ink Lipquid from The Face Shop?


Thanks for read~ 
See you on my next post <3 
Dewi Yang

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