EyeNLip Moisture Essence Mask Charcoal Review

by - August 06, 2018

Oily skin type? You’re in a right post. In this post I want to share with you guys, sheet mask that contains ingredient oily skin people love, Charcoal! Charcoal is rich in minerals and famous for detoxifying, cleansing pores and control sebum on skin. Everything with charcoal on it I buy haha.

EyeNLip Moisture Essence Mask has 7 types of essence to choose:
1. Salmon Oil : wrinkle & elasticity
2. Hyaluronic Acid : moisturizing & nutrition
3. Snail : calming
4. Collagen : elasticity & brightening
5. Charcoal : pore & skin cleansing
6. Green Tea : stimulation & moist
7. Aloe : cooling & skin regeneration

EyeNLip Moisture Essence Mask Charcoal is hypoallergenic so it’s suitable for sensitive skin. Beside cleansing skin & pores and control sebum, this charcoal sheet mask is also calming and moisturizing.

EyeNLip Moisture Essence Mask Charcoal is 100% cotton mask sheet.

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